The Marriage Game



Marriage Game

Truth or Lie

The marriage game is fun to play. Just ask the bride or groom questions about marriage and ask them if it’s true or a lie. We have some questions ready-made for you, please feel free to add your own questions to our list. If you’re at a bachelor party or a bachelorette party you can ask all the questions all at once or you can ask a few then stop and come back to the game throughout the night. You can also pick and choose which questions you ask at the bachelor party or a bachelorette party, ask all the questions or just a few your choice. Wedding showers are another great place to play the game. Just ask the bride a question and if the bride answers the question right she can open another gift, if the bride gets the question wrong then she has to answer another question, until she gets one right.

If you have some questions that you think are good, just leave them in our comment section. If we also think your questions are good enough, we will add them to our list. Your payment will be our unending gratitude and the pleasure of knowing your question was good enough to make the list.


 It’s ok to leave the toilet seat up.                                    Lie

 It’s ok to tell little white lies to your spouse.                  Lie

When chasing peas around your plate with a fork its ok to let a few roll off the plate onto the table.         Lie, don’t pea on the table.

 It’s ok to make a mess and leave it for your spouse to clean it up.                 Lie

 It’s ok to lose the key to your spouses’ chastity belt on your wedding night.    Lie

 It’s ok to stop taking your birth control pills and not tell your spouse.           Lie

 It’s ok to tell your spouse your pregnant with another mans’ child on your wedding night.     Lie

 It’s ok to date other women when you’re engaged but not yet married.         Lie

It’s ok to date other men when you’re engaged but not married yet.              Lie

 It’s ok to eat lots of garlic on your wedding night.                                         Lie

 It’s ok to shop ‘til you drop and not tell our spouse what you spent.             Lie

 It’s ok to buy a big Harley Hog without telling your spouse first.                 Lie

 It’s ok to be gentle, tender and caring with your spouse.                               True

 It’s ok to discuss financial matters with your spouse before marriage.          True

 It’s ok to discuss where you want to live and how many children you want before marriage.   True

 It’s ok to not tell your spouse before marriage that you’re doing drugs.        Lie

 It’s ok not to tell you spouse before marriage that you have herpes.             Lie

 It’s ok to rip the clothes off your spouse and take him or her on your wedding night.  Lie

 It’s ok to be bisexual and not tell your spouse.                                              Lie

 It’s ok not to tell your spouse that you’re sterile before marriage.                Lie

 It’s ok not to tell your spouse that you’re heavily in debt before marriage.          Lie

 It’s ok not to tell your spouse that you’re a jailbird before marriage.                   Lie

 It’s ok not to tell your spouse about multiple bank accounts you have before marriage.  Lie

 It’s ok not to tell your male spouse that you were born a male.                            Lie

 It’s ok when your spouse gets a new hair do to tell her it looks like crap.            Lie

 It’s ok to comfort your spouse when something goes wrong.                               True

 It’s ok to tell your spouse you love him or her often.                                           True

 It’s ok when your spouse asks you to do chores to go out and get drunk instead.       Lie

 It’s ok when your spouse is pregnant to help her all that you can.                       True

 It’s ok to lie on the couch, drink beer, and watch sports when your spouse is doing chores.    Lie

 It’s ok to let your spouse do all the household chores when he or she is not employed.     True

 It’s ok to go out without your spouse and entertain your friends occasionally.   True

 It’s ok to eat like a pig and put on tons of weight after your married.                 Lie

 It’s ok to hide your drinking problem from him or her until after you’re married.             Lie

 It’s ok to ignore what your spouse says when he or she is talking to you.          Lie

 It’s ok to take good care of your spouse when he or she is ill.                            True

 It’s ok to always have a headache when your spouse wants to have sex.            Lie

 It’s ok to take a male or female friend out to dinner without your spouse knowing.         Lie

 It’s ok to dance with someone else and refuse to dance with your spouse.         Lie


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